2 beginners question

hello everyone,

I have two question:

  • What is the order to make a video game?

-What is the best, blueprint or c++ ?

thank you

Its personal choice on which format you want to use but personally I feel Blueprint is easier but you would have more leeway with C++ probably. As far as order, find out what people like and make something similar and try to make it new and catchy or people wont want to play it.

I pesonally think that blueprints are better, because they are easy to use and you can create entire games with them. But when you want special features, you will have to use C++ to modify the engine :slight_smile:
Start your game with a game design document to have some basic outlines which you can follow. After that it depends if you are alone or if you have a team

for the moment, I’m alone, because I can’t program source control.

For the level in one project, can we compilated levels to make a bigger map or other map if the player go in another place?

You’re going to want to look at level streaming and World Composition for that kind of level-to-level passage