2.5D Pixel Art Game - Texture sizing & Streaming help?

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can give me tips on best practices for creating textures for a 2.5D pixel art game. All game assets are flat planes with materials (flipbooks for animated assets). The textures are pixelated and small (max is 256x256px). I am not using mip-maps on the majority of them.

I am wondering if I must adhere to power of 2 texture sizes (I’d like to use rectangular/arbitrary pixel dimensions), and if/which texture streaming method would be most advantageous (SVT vs RVT)?

Any help getting me started is greatly appreciated.

Hi muchogrande,

Letting UE create MipMaps is important - so keeping them power of 2 is important too.

I’d use SVT rather than RVT - especially in UE5 atm.

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Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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