2,5d game?

Hi, i wanted to ask how to make a “South Park: The Stick of Truth” kinda game? it’s a that is viewed from a 2.5D, third-person perspective.

“The game world is two-dimensional, but divergent paths will take the player into the foreground or background, allowing greater freedom of movement while preserving the two-dimensional feel”

I don’t care about the graphics or anything like that, i jast want to know are there any tutorials how to make a game with similar caracter movement, there are lot’s of tutorials how to make a 2d side platformer or topdown rpg etc.

but i have’nt seen or found any tutorials, how to make a 2.5d side game where you can move up and down from foreground to backround.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help.

If i understand correctly, you should be able to just adjust the camera to view the side of the character, but leave the game as a third person template. This way you can still move to different paths. Just make sure that the camera is a good distance away, to disable camera player movement, and camera collision tests.

What i am thinking of right now is something similar to Paper Mario.

Yes it would look like Paper mario and with 2d sprites, but i dont know how to make that. for example i would like to move around in this “picture” (Screenshot - 60751e93946c0ec3dfa6269603822c6c - Gyazo) and not walk inside the table or through walls and if i go behind the closet i am actualy behind the closet

and i want to add 2d player not 3d

Let’s put on our thinking hats.

From what I remember and just checked, the background always stay same while the lil guys get smaller and larger depending on if they are getting closer to camera or going further away. That can be done by scaling depending on the distance quite easily.

About background you can make more than one back ground, each distanced away so the sprites would look like they are inside, being between two backgrounds. To make this even better, you can use Depth Buffer to process the sprites to make them either always be at front, or be at backside.

I believe the key part is how good you do the background perspective wise. While they look like simple backgrounds on the game you mention, they are quite professional visual wise to give the feeling of what is close and what is far away. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure how you would use a 2d player, but what i would do is make the level in 3d. And then i would put the camera to the side of the character and move it slightly up. this would give you a slight 2.5d perspective. Using a 3d space would also make it super easy to transition from different spots.

I am almost positive that you can use a 2D plane and put textures and animations on it. I am not sure how you would it it though. I would try using a 3D character first to see if you like it.