2.5D FPS style game?

I have made simple games in the past using user friendly entry level game makers, but have decided Unreal was probably my best bet to learn and develop my game ideas. I’m having a hard time finding any tutorials on how to go about making my sprites (the style used in games such as Wolfenstein 3D or the original DOOM) and how to get everything loaded up into Unreal and having it set up to where the sprites and animations change depending on what angle you look at them with. My game will have all the old school 2.5D flatness, but with smooth hand drawn art, and good lighting effects. Instead of guns it will be fantasy setting, but the core mechanics will be basically the same (pretty much like the old MMO Meridian 59 but more advanced). If anyone out there can set me up with a nice video tutorial or a run down on how to get started I would greatly appreciate it! There’s a lot for me to learn, but I feel that seeing my own little guy standing there is going to make learning how to make everything interact with it and whats around it much easier and provide more motivation to keep on going. Any other tips as far as multiplayer, or how to equip items such as armor, to have it change the appearance on a character model would be great too! Whenever I start a new project it always gives me 2 chairs and a table with a glass sculpture and all these things already added to my scene and it throws me off. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear back from someone!

For making 2d sprites, you either draw them (phoshop, gimp, paint or whatever) or render them from 3d objects to 2d sprites (3ds max, blender, maya, etc).
As for using 2d sprites and animating them in UE4, that’s using a system called “Paper2D” in Unreal 4. There are plenty of ressources on youtube or google or here on the forums if you search for “unreal 4 flipbook” or “unreal 4 paper2d”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything with Paper2D so far so i can’t give you any more tips that this.