2.5D FPS making

Hi! If I posted in wrong section, please be polite on me and move to right one. I want to make fps game in style similar to doom or duke nukem 3d. Where all enemies and character are sprites based. I searched all over the net and YT and found only 2.5D Sidescroller examples.

Can you tell me how to make it possible?

The mobs are projected on a very simple quad (two triangles should do it) and you can make them always face the camera using a lookat feature (rotate). The sprite animation is a feature of ue4, you can learn it over youtube, and that’s it. The reason you haven’t found much info, is pry because you had a wrong assumption. Both doom and duke was never 2.5d, but pure 3d games (it actually is in their official name as well, doom 3D, dn 3D) with sprite enemies :]

Konflict couldn’t said it better.

Just don’t forget to make the material two sided for the sprites.


Not quite…

Actually, Doom and DN3D were not fully 3d games. Nothing in them was 3d at all. The enemies were made with “billboarding” (see: 2.5D - Wikipedia) and the enviromets are made with a variety of techniques (explained here: Doom engine - Wikipedia) none of which involve 3d at all, because the hardware available at the time was far too weak. (Also see: Build (game engine) - Wikipedia for information about how DN3D should really have been called DN2.5D)

Actually Doom and Duke Nukem 3D are raycasting FPS. The sprites are photographic digitized and the maps of the game were top-down-shooter modified. These games aren’t real 3D. The first real 3D FPS is Quake.

It’s pretty easy to have it to where everything looks at the camera but I haven’t found a good technique for things with multiple angles