2.5D basic setup help

I’m working on a simple game setup right now and I’m sorta running into a few problems. After much work and toil, I managed to finaly create a character blueprint that I can move. However, I can’t seem to trigger the animations or to be precise I have no clue how to do that. Now So far this is what I have below.


What I would like some help on is, whenever I push or call an Input. that the appropriate anim plays.

I.E…if I press D, then move right is triggered, and the character moves Right, his animation plays.

I would also like a point in the right direction when it comes to fire a gun.

So…in order to fix
I started to examine the “add movement Input” node and saw that the target was my pawn or “self”. So I checked out my hero component and saw something that caught my attention under the “Pawn” section in the Details. “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” was checked…so…I unchecked it and BINGO…my character now rotates in the direction I’m moving.


Half of my problem is fixed…now I just need help with finding out how to make an animation play. Any ideas?

When you say 2.5D, do you mean 2D layered over 3D, or 3D layered over 2D. That will dictate the answer.