2.5 Dimension

Hi I am new to the engine and I am trying to make a 2.5 D style side scroller game and unfortunately have not been able to figure out how to do this. I thought maybe using a third person lay out but limiting him to a specific area by using geometry mesh, but unfortunately I already started level design in the side scroller blue print. Is there anyway to change the plane of existence inside of this blueprint?

I have figured out how to make give my object collision and how to simulate physics, but because it is a 2.5d game, i need the object to move in a specific direction, i have looked at the tutorial videos available on the unreal site, but none answer my question. Anything would help, until then i will continue to tinker until i figure out like i have been doing

dont quite understand what you need. You say you have started with the 2d template. Is that not enough for a 2.5D game? Do you mean that you need the character to move in depth as well?

yes I am trying to make my character move away from the camera and towards the screen instead of just forward and back. Sorry if this is really basic, when i said i was new, I mean im freshly cracked out of my shell kind of new <-metaphor

sorry for the confusion, I have realized what must be done. I definitely feel stupid