2/13/2020 - Important notice about event item assets!

We have a bit of potentially hectic news. For many of you, you might not need to do anything, but for some of you, this might be a bit stressful.
Some of you may have spotted this post already

For us modders, this has a bit more impact. In an effort to recover some much-needed asset memory for the game we are basically cleaning out all of the non-persistent event content.
Chibis, emotes, skins. Those all stay.
But for any of the other content such as event creatures, holiday structures, resource items, etc… the things that go away when you turn an event off… those are all being removed. For some of you, this does mean that mods that reference that content will want to have those references disconnected before the 25th of February, 2020.
I am going to package all of those assets with another devkit update as soon as I am able so that you can bake them back into your mods if you like and continue to use that content. But until I am able to do that any such references could cause crashes when using your mods.

We wanted to make sure you all got an appropriate heads up about this as we do understand that for a number of you this may be quite problematic.
Hopefully, the absence of this content for those affected will be short-lived.