1st vs 3rd Person Stealth

I’m working on a stealth game but I can’t really decide if I should make a first or third person stealth game, so I’ll ask you guys on your opinion regarding first and third person stealth games. Which one is your favorite and why?

Personally I like third person. It lets you see where all of you body is. In first person I am usually wondering whether or not I am behind cover enough.

Personally I would go for 1st person, simply because it gives me a greater feeling of immersion in the game. Not that I don’t like 3rd person, but I’d go for 1st. A great example of stealth being used in a 3rd person game is in Assassins Creed. Something you could do is have a mix of both 1st & 3rd person, each being used during appropriate situations.

It depends on what information you want the player to get.

Typically, stealth is third person, as it gives you more situational awareness about where your character is, in relation to things you are hiding behind. It also gives you the ability to move the camera to look around corners. (In first person, you would have to program leaning).

That’s not to say you can do stealth in first person. Thief and Deus Ex are classic examples. However, I think it is instructive that modern games like DXHR snapped to third person when you went into stealth mode.

+1 for that.
I also prefer 3rd person :slight_smile:

3rd person because there is a sense called “proprioception,” the sense of knowing where your body parts are, relative to other body parts. It’s something that’s hard to sense in FPS.
The real enemy of TPS is the camera and knowing where to put it so it gives the player enough information of the player area.

1st person! Its way more immersive! Look at the Thief series! Unlike Splinter cell, where it is really akward to move around.
Also, it saves you the trouble of creating a high quality model for the player!

Thief still had a 3rd person option though.

Not the originals. Only 3 and I think 4? (Though 4 shouldn’t be considered a Thief game.)

This. +1 :smiley:

I’d also say third person is easier for the player. Unless you want things to be more difficult. Hiding in first person is done via sharp UI as opposed to the environment. So in part it also depends on where the team’s skillsets lie.

Why thank you! Some people recognize that Dishonored clone! (Not to dis Dishonored. But Thief was better. And Thief 3 was better than 4.)