1st UE4 Tutorial. Help needed.Which is the official Epic Games start point for UE4 Development?


Can someone help navigate this huge forum? Search results don’t seem to help and 3rd party sites on tutorials are few and far between. Having downloaded I need a helping hand for the start point. Does Epic Games have official employees on this forum that can answer? Or anyone else?


Hi there, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Here’s a list of some good resources:

The forum here has a ton of tutorials, most are located in the Community Content, Tools, and Tutorials section, but they can be difficult to find if you don’t know what you are looking for. I would recommend using the above resources first, then when you have specific things you need to learn, come back here and search for it.

To discuss UE4, there is an Unreal Slackers Discord server with thousands of users, and almost always there will be either Epic staff, us moderators, or one of the many UE4 experts who can help you out. Hope to see you there! Of course you can always ask us here on the forums, but you will probably get a faster answer on Discord.

Hope that helps!
This playlist is what thought me to use the engine in the first place. While this massive playlist is just teaching engine basics, there are also a lot of live recordings advanced tutorials for later use.

Perfect. Thank you.

I have a backlog of work but once the F1 Car’s ready i’ll take it for a test run :slight_smile: