1st UE4 Scene

This is my first scene using UE4 I had worked a little in UDK but most of my work had been on other engines before coming back to Unreal. This was textured completely with Substance Painter. You can see some of the textured individual pieces here http://sethwolford.com/

Fantastic work SethW! That scene looks very detailed and super creepy. Keep up the great work an i can’t wait to see what you decide to work on next. Have a great day!

Sean thanks for the reply I really appreciate it!

Great work and models, did you make them all yourself?

Thanks Diomed for the comment. Yeah I did everything in this scene. This includes high to low poly modeling, sculpting, texturing and lighting. The only models I didn’t make are the walls which are BSP with a texture I made applied to them and the Unreal Material display model that I included on the workbench. The goal on this project was to really get comfortable with Substance Painter and it was used to create all the textures.

Looking good! :smiley: