1st time installation, and receiving persistent application error

I just downloaded and installed (using EpicInstaller-10.15.2-enterprise.msi), and got as far as installing the 4.2? Engine.

Throughout this process, an error box keeps coming up:

UnrealCEFSubProcess.exe - Application Error
The exception Breakpoint
A breakpoint has been reached.
(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location
Click on OK to terminate the program

After the Engine seemed to install, clicking on the Launcher only gives me a black screen and this same error.


Thanks for any help.

the 4.2? Engine

Do get v4.25. 4.2 must be 5-6 years old. No kidding.

Can you open Epic Launcher? Do you meet min requirement to run the engine?

Whatever the latest download version is, as of a couple weeks ago, thought it was 4.2 something.

I can’t open the software to see what version it is.