1st Project - Concrete Living Room

I’ve just about finished my first project using UE 4.10.
What do you think?

Nice and clean modelling and lightmaps/lighting but the materials lack reflectivity. Do you only use a diffuse map in your materials? If you also use a roughness map then try to give it more difference between the glossy and rough parts. It will improve the look a ton!

Thank you ,
the roughness is present but very light in the woods and marbles. I have slightly decreased the value in these and actually post the whole environment acquires more depth, especially with parquet.

Nice job, I would turn off the bloom and massage the post processing volume a bit, the contact shadows in ceratain areas could be stronger too.

Are you using reflection capture (sphere) actors?

Very nice job for a first try.
I would add some shininess to most things in the scene though, lowering the roughness 0.1-0.2 of almost any material. EDIT: Oh I see you’ve done that in a later post. Looks a lot better imo. I would however make the floor a little rougher, and the floor would also benefit from normal mapping so you get at least a little depth to the planks.
The ceiling material could benefit from a little lower roughness though. I usually take a grunge map and connect the output to a LERP node so you can easily set the min and max values of the roughness that the grunge map adds. This way you get varying roughness on your surfaces, which usually adds to the realism if done right. Very few surfaces IRL are perfectly flat and even in their specularity, there’s almost always a litte dirt/grunge/specks.
I would also lower the bloom to about half.

I think you’re not using many reflection captures, is that correct? I think your scene could benefit from several more of them. You can put box captures close to flat surfaces to get proper reflections, and then cover the whole room with a box reflection that has the same size as the room.

That’s a few tips from me. Once again, very good job for a first try!

Thank you RI3DVIZ,
i agree to reduce or eliminate the bloom.
What do you mean “massage” with the post processing? LUT, color grading?
What do you suggest to increase the contact shadows? Less soft or darker?
I have some difficulty to give darker shadows without lowering the overall light in the scene.
These my Lightmass parameters.

There are a dozen sphere actors near the reflective surfaces but are very light. I’m no fan of “extra reflection” :slight_smile:

Yea but in real life pretty much everything is reflective… except maybe chalk!!!

The roughness map and normal map is just to break the flatness. The concrete could use a stronger normal map I think. You could try to add a slight fresnel effect on your couch fabric too!

Good work man! Looking nice!

I like it! - the only thing that bugs me a bit is the bloom level is a bit high. :]

Update to 4.11!

  • build light with portals
  • decreased bloom
  • more reflection (floor, marbles, woods)
  • more normal map (floor, woods, concrete)
  • fresnel mat (fabric couch)
  • more color grading post process

I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Looks like that the reflective areas do not receive shadows properly, there are lots of holes on the grass, I would recomend you to decrease the angulation of the lenses of the camera for the first image, it’s making it a little boring with so mutch extra space on the image, the pool area like starts right on the grass part, is that right? And maybe I would remove the flowers from inside of the pool, I don’t think that people would swim on that, maybe I’m wrong.

I loved the folliage you used, you created them yourself or they where from marketplace or something?

On reflection I have to still work ! The grass holes are due to the fact that a uniform mat is very heavy for my processor and to the videocard (GTX 980 Ti 6GB).
The pool is not for swimming :slight_smile: The folliage come from market.

You can manually copy them for the shots you will take, like you can select the grass that is near the hole and just duplicate it.

The thing is, if your GTX 980TI is not handling well the scene you have severe problems on the optimization, I have a GTX 660TI and my scenes are working fine, maybe create better Lods, decrease some lightmaps or texture maps, remember to allways use textures on power of two, like 16, 64, 256, 1024, 2048, stuff like that.

Also try to use the other view methods, to see how your shaders and polygon density is working, if its too bad, you may have to consider changing them a little for better results in optimization.

Hi mexicola!
Very good job for your first try :wink:
I agree with leonnn1 something must be taking to much processing power, try using the visualization tools and , “stat fps” “stat unit” “stat unit graph” “profile gpu”, if you haven’t already,
to check your scene. Our project was done with a 560ti 1GB and optimization help a lot.

as a newbie to Unreal but long time arch viz I would guess at first glace that its all those books that are killing you. How are they handled? I just saw a video I think from GDC and a brief section saying soon they will recognize instances and groups in newer fbx import which would be amazing