1st mod is cooking away

Fingers crossed, I worked all throughout the night and most of the day to revamp the supply drop items, and spawn chances. Went through the entire “TheIsland” map and updated every drop…and all the caves XD. Just uploading to steam now, so hopefully it all works.

Very nice, definitely waiting to see how that baby turns out. Don’t forget to check your output folder to make sure your items are cooked (if all you see is mod.info) it’s not cooked properly.


It looks like it’s working… right? It’s been an hour so far though, my hopes are starting to go down.

It shouldn’t take an hour o.o…How big is your mod? Also did you check your output folder to see if your mod was cooked?

557 KB… those caves screwed me over big. It might not be going through.

Doesn’t sound like it’s going through. Did you modify all the cave maps on ‘TheIsland’ map and trying to replace them on the map?

I made copies of each and they’re in the mod file. Had to keep them there so that the update chest spawns for the caves would translate. Especially since those area’s are where I put the better loot (it’s alot harder to get through the caves than just swoop in with a pteranadon) My i-net had been very slow on traffic for a while though, it’s finally starting to pick up again. I think it might be ok… if not I can just cancel and reload it.

Btw, saw your mod on the workshop, great idea man!

Thanks ^_^, I’m just happy I was able to get it working and have it uploaded (about a week of troubleshooting). Was about to give up but I kept going. Make sure to check your cooked output folder and reference it to your projects/content/mod/yourmodnamefolder and if it doesn’t match up then you may have a cooking problem as well.

Well…I’m an idiot, forgot to disable SteamGuard, and I wasn’t getting a pop-up from the Dev Kit… that’s funny.

xD that’s weird, I got my popup for steamguard on the first cook. After that it was fine.