1st game(if this can be called game)

Hi guys, with all the high quality stuff here , i am feeling almost ashamed to show my poor thing here , but…
First i wanted only to model the character, then i decided to animate it , then why not to put it in UE and u know how one thing leads to another.
Wanted to make something like the old Sokoban game(in that game the player must put some boxes in their places) but in 3D.
Thanks to everybody who spared time to watch that.

Nice work. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

Dude! Really, don’t be ashamed!

The only thing I could say: Remove the realistic texture’s and make some cartoonisch-looking ones with bright colors to match your character. Then it will eye more proper :slight_smile:

Really, great work and keep it on!

This is a good start. Find someone that can help you on the level design an continue making levels.

Thanks guys!

Thank you, will try and see how it looks.

It’s Ramses!

Cool dude. Keep at it!