1on1 game networking in general


this is not a replication related question.

I would like to know how to handle the match making functions and how much of that is already handled by the engine and what parts must be programmed outside of the UE.

Given a 1on1 Chess Game.
A new player downloads the game client.
He starts the game, either selects a created game someone else created or he creates a game someone else could join.

Sorry, but my English is really not the best.

The list of players is not my concern. I’m more interested in the UE-Server-Side. How to spawn and destroy new server instances and how to handle match-making. Is it possible to handle more than one game with one UE-server-instance or is it necessary to spawn one server for every single game? What about performance monitoring? How to handle more than one server (hardware)?

Hope someone can point me in the right direction so I can compare the complexity between creating the game (what looks promising) and the programming parts and overhead outside UE.

How do you handle that?