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I need help from someone who is very experienced with Unreal Engine. I am 26 and trying to make a game but I need some help on how I can do it learning the engine on my own. If there is someone who would min just breaking down a couple of things for me so that I can get a little organizational feel on how I can make this my first and best project.

Greetings @MiRrorZ96724 !

Welcome to the Unreal Engine community! :medal_sports:

There are so many elements that go into making a game - with some things being more complex than others. If you have ever looked at game credits at the end of your favorite games, there are whole teams of people involved. Before an experienced game developer offers a helping hand, you may want to ask specific questions.

Have you started developing yet? Are you great at coding? Are you skilled at asset creation? Do you have other game engine experience? Is this a game for consoles, PC, VR, or mobile? If you could ask more specific questions and briefly discuss your skillset, you may get some great answers to your questions.

In the meantime, Epic has documentation, online learning courses, a YT channel, and this forum that serve as resources to aid you on your game dev journey. Think, specifically, of what you will like assistance with and add these questions to your post. Perhaps you will gain the attention of a few experienced game devs that will graciously provide some valuable advice. :grinning:

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