1kb Files in Content Folders

Hello there,

I hope this issue gets fixed asap! This would be really appreciated. Thank YOU, Epic Games!

Link to known issue: Deleted Assets still in file folder - UE4 AnswerHub

Those 1kb files are also created when editing any materials within UE4… weird.


In your Content Folder right click on Game and “Fix up Redirectors in Folders”. That should solve the problem.

No, that’s not working. They are too tiny for being a redirection file…

What step actually creates the files? And when removing those 1kb files the whole assets are being un-useable :confused:

So far i know it creates the 1kb File, when you change the Folder from an Object, what is allready in your scene or an Material thats allready on an Mesh.
The Engine know now where the File moved to.
When you Fix up the Redirected Folders it cleans up everything and finaly the Engine don´t need the 1kb redirect File.

Hope you understand what i try to tell you, my English is not the best :smiley:

I will try it again then. Thank you!

These are our files where it is … (on SVN)