1940's "Electro" Kitchen

I’m thinking of releasing these assets to the Marketplace. I have never been through the submission process before.

Features blueprints for a cooker, fridge, mixer, radio, cabinets and curtains and more.


Oh yeah, forgot to say, this is now on the marketplace.

Retro Style “Electro” Kitchen in - UE Marketplace (unrealengine.com)

Please let me know if you think it appears to be too expensive and for what reasons and I will consider dropping the price, this weekend.

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Greetings @Stephen_Palmer, I wanted to chime in and say your 1940’s “Electro” Kitchen assets came out great! Kudos on a job well done, and thank you for sharing your creation here in the Unreal Engine Forums!

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Thank you for checking it out and commenting! Very much appreciated @Zezkaii

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