19 - Eighty - Fortnite!

Hey Epic Games,

Just wanted to say, I absolutely loved your recent Fortnite Campaign: 19 - Eighty - Fortnite!

Really made me smile and giggle. Totally spot on!

I whole heartedly agree and stand with you in your efforts to make Revenue Splits on Game / App Stores more fair for developers and less greedy for mega corporations.

Thank you for standing up for the little guy!

I know some people on the internet are saying you’re making a stand for self interest. But I don’t believe that. I know Epic Games and I know you are good people and are making this stand for the right reasons. Well done and all power to you!

I wish Epic Games all the best in the legal challenges ahead. May the best company win - I.E, Epic! :smiley:

Developers should be free to get a fair deal on every platform. And Consumers should be free to get the best deal on every platform.

As Epic so graciously stated: If you love something set it Free! <3

All the best mates! :slight_smile: