16 Circa Naval Combat Simulator [Team Needed]

I have 1 seat in iClone I need to fill and I have one seat in Adobe Creative Cloud. I do web hosting, web site management, have a successful business. I’ve been in Software Engineering for 25 years. I am a expert in Unreal. I’ve done most the art in the way of terrain, water, shrubbery, vegetation, I am working off Github so you must know Git. I have 3 more slots to fill. I have music for the game, I can create all sound fx.

Here is who I need, someone that can learn or is proficient with iClone CC3, iClone, XChangePipeline. I need someone that can do models in Blender and work with me on detailing ships and creating characters with clothing. I can use one additional programmer very adept in C++, Unreal, Blueprints. I already have a visuals member that can do interfaces and special effects.

This is a starter project that will be put on Patreon, there is already a project management system in place. This is very straight forward, simulation and good experience. Will be publishing on steam. My company already has a dedicated server with a Testing GPU on it, Vulkan, LWGL, Java, LAMP, REST, CDI, PHP, and maintains multiple web clients. This is where the server will be deployed.

This is a longer term project, good for learning registering classes in the code to use in the editor, learning all aspects of game design, development and implementation in the development lifecyle, project management, team work and partnership. There will be a build up by putting Ship Models, well designed and animated characters on the market, selling the PBR Textures for terrain, to help fund and drive the project, building a crowd base on Patreon. I am looking for partners, not employees, and I don’t require full time, just dedication and accomplishment over a shorter term period to get a working prototype up we can put on display to begin building support and possibly early access packages and pay as you play. I am PCI Compliant and carry a merchant processor, will implement the merchant API into the game.

You can see one of my premiere websites I have done for a client in managed web hosting, I did the video and flaming text in after effects.

You can email [EMAIL=“”] or message me here. Thanks.