15yo game dev need help

Hello people. I want to make fun game. My idea was to create horror game where monster allways run for player in building while player try to find exit. Im realy new in this i cant find normal tutorial on yt. I want to know what i need to know to make game and i want to ask you for yt link of good tutorial. All of tutorials i saw are raly stupid because people did something with programs and they dont looks like mine or they just do something without saying how they did that but it is still tutorial for begginers. I want step by step tutorial but first i want to know what i need to learn first.

Btw, i started with project and my character dont want to move. I made he can run, sneak and run but after some changes which i need he just stop move when i press shift, but it worked.
My sprint comment looks same as his. Mine just have these green thing on my language.