150 Subs Special - %25 Discount on every project i've ever created!

Hey guys, After 3 years of hard but fun work in which ive created free\paid projects, showed a lot of my projects and started to create tutorials i’ve reached 151 subs on my UE4 Youtube Channel

the discount would last until the end of the month (10/31)

List of Projects-

Low Poly Weapons Pack
Low Poly Nature
Low Poly Survival Pack
Low Poly Medieval


Bow and Arrow
Simple Tank
Building System
Simple Money System
Realistic FPS

The price range ranges from $1.88 to $7.49

You can Buy both the Low Poly survival and medieval props pack on my UE4 Marketplace Page but it will not be on sale for now (it may take some time)

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I have a Patreon](Patreon), having the abillity to get few dollars every month will help and focus me on keep creating free projects for the community, every dollar will help and you would be able to unlock exclusive content.

License Type: CC0: Public domain, Free to use in personal and commercial projects youre not have to credit me but it would be nice if you will

subs +1 :slight_smile: go for it