15 pics My first try on building an Unreal Engine 4 Scene [Twitter Link]

Hello there, I am new to this forum and new to this Unreal Engine stuff.
For the last 4 days i have been plugging in my creative side and have come up with what you see in the pics below.
Though as i said i am 110% new to this and i have maybe watched 20+ tutorial videos and rewached them each 10x times.
So the creation you see below is almost 100% Unreal Engine assets and nothing “blueprinted” that very much so far.

Edit: I am very excited to learn this engine though and cant wait to make more advance stuff. Just need to get that blueprint stuff figured out.
How many tutorial videos i see i still dont understand s***. People need to do more tutorials because i will need them ^^.

This is all i need to look up: Physics (chains / cloth / ropes ), Painting material (water, snow, leaf ), Animations, Cascade and probably, How to make Fog and blizzard storms and 100x more that i missed probably.