129 HDRi cubemaps (1K, 2K, 4K) compiled from the HDRis at

**This pack has been replaced with a pure CC0 license version here: No more need to credit anyone in your game (although you still can if you want to). There will be regular updates from now on too. **

Old text:
Hi. I really like the free HDRI samples at, but by default you can’t import them into UE4 (you get an error) so I modified them to enable use in UE4. They are great if you need ambient cubemaps/skylight cubemaps for dynamic lighting.

There are 110 cubemaps with various lighting conditions. I also created collections for them based on the tags on the website so you can search for the lighting you want: by contrast, where it was taken, time of day, color, sky condition and natural/artificial light.

The HDRI files are CCBY (attribution) so you have to give credit to hdrihaven in the credits of your game. For more information see
After doing so though you are free to use them in commercial games and even modify the HDRIs (like I did here). If you don’t want to give credit you can purchase the full resolution files which have royalty free licenses.

If you download HDRIs from hdrihaven itself you’ll have to modify them in order to be able to use them in UE4. You’ll need a free software called Luminance HDR. Just open the file you downloaded and save it again as a .hdr file and UE4 should be able to import it. The files in the pack are already processed like this so you don’t have to do anything, but if you for example want to check out the free full resolution bundle ( you’ll have to do it because the full resolution files are not included in this pack. (mainly because the 16384x8192 files are huge)

You can get the pack here: (outdated) HDRi .uasset compilation from

The file called “HDRi .uasset compilation from - mipmaps” has .uasset files and you can drop these in a project folder to import the HDRIs and collections. The HDRIs should be dropped in Content and the collections in Saved. Get the file with - mipmaps for normal use. If you want cubemaps for backdrops use the file called “HDRi .uasset compilation from”.

The other zip file has the modified .hdr files in case you want to edit them directly.

Check them out, you’ll probably find one or two (or more) you like, and if you liked them be sure to check out too!

what does this look like in a game?

Great pack, thx

Here are a few examples using only a movable skylight. (so pretty extreme but you should see some variation)

You can also use them for blending cubemaps to get different lighting depending on the time of day (or whatever you want) using this method:

Update: Readded mipmaps for use with ambient cubemaps. I didn’t test the previous ones as ambient cubemaps but it turns out they look really bad without mipmaps (super sharp reflections). The updated version should be better for ambient cubemaps. Also renamed them with a mip_ prefix so they’re all in one place.
Filename: HDRi .uasset compilation from - mipmaps

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Update: added a bunch of new ones, 10 normal ones and 4 CC0 which are public domain and you can use them without attributing them. No collections, no prefix in the filename, just rename them yourself if you need to. The files are in the link in the top post.

Filenames: HDRi .uasset update (20170625) from, HDRi .uasset CC0 update (20170625) from

Check them out!

Great! Thx man.

Wow thanks man!

**This pack has been replaced with a pure CC0 license version here: No more need to credit anyone in your game (although you still can if you want to). There will be regular updates from now on too. **

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Hi - I’m confused!
Just downloaded 11 files but I can’t find “HDRi .uasset compilation from - mipmaps” for starters.
After running unzip on 2 files I have 2 folders - 20180402_update_HDR & 20180402_update_uasset.
A lot of the folders seem to be empty and I am unable to follow the installation instructions above.
Please provide current file names please as the fact that my copies include “update” in the title and this post originates in 2017 makes me think install may be different today 2018.
Help a noob out will ya!

Hey Everyone,

Thank you guys for all your efforts.

I have a question though about integration into unreal. When I use one of the HDRI files provided in my map in unreal I get a blurry scene. Is it normal or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance

Thank you!