$12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets Released - Updated!

We are extremely excited to announce that we’ve released $12 million worth of assets from our action MOBA Paragon on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. They’re all free to use in your Unreal Engine 4 projects with no strings attached! Below you can find more information on these assets. We look forward to seeing what developers around the world do with them! Share your work on social media with us by tagging us on Facebook and using the #UE4 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Where can I download the Paragon assets?
All of the Paragon assets are available now for free download on the Marketplace. You can find an easy link for the content at Kostenlose Paragon-Inhalte im Wert von 17.000.000 USD - Unreal Engine.

How much do I have pay for the Paragon assets?
Nothing! They’re completely free. You can use them in both commercial and non-commercial Unreal Engine 4 projects.

What’s included in each pack?
Each character pack includes the base meshes, textures, skins, animations, abilities and character FX, dialogue, and Animation Blueprints.

The environment pack includes a number of elements from both the Monolith and Agora maps, including structures such as turrets, inhibitors, and towers. Additionally, a sample map built with pieces from Monolith, Agora, and Kite demo assets is included.

The Announcer Audio pack includes the sound cues and .wav files for the announcer’s dialogue.

Which Paragon Assets are available now?


  • Countess
  • Crunch
  • Dekker
  • Feng Mao
  • Gadget
  • GRIM.exe
  • Grux
  • Howitzer
  • Khaimera
  • Kwang
  • Minions and Jungle Creeps
  • Murdock
  • Muriel
  • Phase
  • Rampage
  • Riktor
  • Serath
  • Sevarog
  • Shinbi
  • Twinblast


  • Monolith and Agora Environment Assets


  • Announcer Audio

What version of Unreal Engine will these work with?
The Paragon Asset packs are compatible with 4.19.

How do I add them to my my project?

  1. Log in to the Epic Games launcher
  2. Go to the Library tab, and find the asset under ‘Vault’
  3. Select ‘Add to Project’
  4. Select the project you’d like to add them to

How do I setup the animation on the characters other than Shinbi?
Jay Hosfelt will be joining us on the March 29th livestream at 11AM PT / 2PM ET to walk through how to set up the animation Blueprints for the Paragon characters. Be sure to head over to Twitch and give us a follow to be notified when the stream goes live.

If you’d like to get started before then, take a look at the animation Blueprint documentation.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the Paragon assets?
As with all of Epic’s internally developed assets, the Paragon assets are only licensed for use in Unreal Engine 4.

Are you going to release more?
Yes! Additional Paragon Asset packs will be made available through summer 2018.

UPDATE - September 25th

We are delighted to release the final batch of Paragon assets to the Unreal Engine 4 developer community free of charge, with a total of 19 AAA-quality Hero characters valued at over $5 million in development investment.

The following characters are now available:

  • Aurora
  • Drongo
  • Gideon
  • Greystone
  • Iggy & Scorch
  • Kallari
  • Lt. Belica
  • Morigesh
  • Narbash
  • Revenant
  • Sparrow
  • Steel
  • Sun-Wukong
  • Terra
  • The Fey
  • Wraith
  • Yin
  • Zinx
  • Boris - A previously unreleased character who was the final Paragon Hero to be announced.

In addition, several previously unreleased bonus skins are also included.

If you’d like to see how Jay setup the animations from scratch or some techniques to modify them, check out his animation series from our Unreal Engine livestream.


This is huuuuuge! I’m still shocked! :eek: Thank you Epic for doing this for us! :smiley:

OMG!!! guys you are EPIC!!!

Just a little question. Is it okay to use these models for an unreal engine 4 powered game?

One more question: Is it okay to retopologize the meshes (ex: characters or environment assets) for Unreal Engine 4 games as well? or does it violate something?

Of course, if I modify anything I won’t release it publicly or anything. I only want to use it accordingly to the license.

Whoa, this is crazy. Thank you Epic!

This is amazing! Huge thanks to the Paragon devs and Epic for this!!!

Will it include at least some of C++ code/Blueprints ?

I know seeing a project die is hard but thanks everyone at Epic Games for letting Paragon leave on through the community. :wink:

Thank you much Epic!! You guys never cease to amaze me with your willingness to share with the community. Many, many thanks!

Epic you guys are seriously epic !

Thank you!! This is great! I always wanted to play Paragon and was so busy with development that I never got the chance to do more than like 1 practice match. I was so disappointed to hear it was shutting down because I know everyone at Epic put so much love into it.

That said, I am SO excited to dissect these assets and see what I can learn.

Ironically though, I still don’t get to see the one thing I’ve been dying to check out since the livestream a couple years back: Sparrow’s hair shader!!

This is amazing!! It would be awesome if you’d be so kind to offer us the tree and root generator blueprint demo’d in the paragon live stream you did here: Foliage & Parallax Occlusion Mapping Techniques used in Paragon - Live from Epic HQ - Events - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks Epic!!


You guys are the BEEEEEEST! Thank you very much! This is HUGE!

Madness, thanks Epic!!!

Is there an EULA available for those assets? Could they be used with Godot Engine, for example?

Did you not read the OP ?!

im so amazed. its awesome to be able to see these assets up close. thanks Epic you guys are awesome.

Fantastic!! Second Christmas !!!

This is extraordinary! We will put those assets to good use.
I do have to ask out of curiosity tho: Why? Whats made you take this generous decision?