10x polygon count when Datasmith actor is in scene

There’s something about polygon count I don’t understand with the Unreal Engine:

If I change the view mode from Lit to Wireframe, it drops to 40k, and with the skybox’s 20k, that’s still 2x the amount.

I imported using the default 0.2 and 20 degree Datasmith settings, and everything looks normal, there were no materials in the step file.

Hi Robert,

Actually it is not related to datasmith, but more generally to how UE rendering works.
This particular number accounts for all triangles sent to the GPU for a particular frame, it includes occlusion pass, shadow map pass, etc. and even in this case the triangles that are displayed for the orange selection indicator and the UI elements.
If you want statistics of the current level you might want to try Windows / Statistics.