100s of animated objects at once into sequencer

We have an animated bridge build sequence set up in 3DMax2019 showing different stages of a bridge deconstruction and rebuild. I can export the animated FBX files and they seem to come into sequencer very nicely by dragging the animated sequence actor from the content browser and dropping it onto the sequence track. There is a step though were I need to attach the animation sequence AGAIN for each object. If it was one object or just a few it would not be a big deal, but we have 100’s of objects.

Is there a way to mass populate sequencer with a single FBX that has all my animated content and have all the animation frames auto-linked?

Thanks for any help!

The sequencer fbx import will auto match names in the fbx to names in your sequencer (you can either do all nodes or selected ones only). That route doesn’t work for the animation track though since those are imported as animation assets.

I would suggest looking into writing a python script to automate this. There’s some examples in the engine directory for writing python scripts for sequencer tracks: Engine\Plugins\MovieScene\SequencerScripting\Content\Python