1009x1009 heightmap - 64 or 256 components?

I’m making an open world game with world composition and need to know if it’s better to go with 64 or 256 components using 1009x1009 heightmaps. I’m not using world machine or any programs apart from photoshop and Terrescuptor so I need to know what is best for performance.

Each component has a render-thread cost (cpu). Smaller component sizes allow for faster LoD transitions and more terrain occlusion, yet smaller increases the count.

Performance wise … lower number of components.

do the math against how many terrain tiles you have on the map.
256x11k = trash.

Thank you for your answers. I just want to clarify that by performance I meant higher player FPS and reduced chance of memory leaks. So less components leads to less CPU cost, thus higher performance, correct? But I won’t be able to have as smooth LOD transitions and terrain occlusion because of larger component sizes.


It’s a balancing act with lots of compromise.

Landscape Technical Guide…ide/index.html