100 PBR Substances (question)

Allgorithmic is showing off the substances in the shots, but they look very poor

Or do they only look poor due to the UV map of the object (the ugly seam)?

But a lot of the render work is blurry


What shots are you referring to? I will take a look.


any material that isn’t metal looks blurry


Are these the materials in the Marketplace for UE4?



yes, in the material section with the very name that I used for the thread


Ah, yes I see what you mean. The issue is that the tiling on the sphere’s is very low and the texture is being stretched. Also, it looks like the substances where set to generate at a low resolution (256). I have asked our team to fix these issues. This is not indicative of the quality of substance. I agree this image is bad representation. The substances can be dynamically re sized in UE4 to a much higher resolution.




I take this message just to ask if the 100 PBR substances will be available with the version 4.8 of the engine.

Indeed, I bought this package, but I can’t use it with project created with the new version of the engine.

Thank you for your reply.



Hi Chris,

The substances do not contain the actual substance plugin. You need to download this separately. You can do this from the UE4 Marketplace or from our forums.

The plugin has been updated to work with version 4.8.



He probably means the project is showing up listed with an older version (if you double click it in the launcher, it’ll try to open up with that version). He needs to launch 4.8, then select the old project and tell it to convert to 4.8.


In fact, I mean that I create a new project with the 4.8 version. So, I can’t convert it back to 4.7 add the package and re-convert it back to 4.8.

Furthermore, when I click on the “add to project” button, I can’t add it in a 4.8 project, and it tells me that the package is not compatible with version 4.8.2:


I also tried a copy/paste of the .uassets files, but I lose all the parameters from the substances. So there is not a lot of interest anymore.

Furthermore, the texture is very low with this method.

Any other help?

Thank you,


I have emailed the Epic marketplace and are awaiting their answer. In the meantime what you could try doing is downloading it for 4.7.

  • Create a 4.7 Project
  • Add the 100 PBR Substances to this project
  • Close 4.7 Project
  • Copy 4.7 Project/Content/PBRSubstances folder to your existing 4.8 project
  • Run 4.8 project

This worked for me and was able to manipulate the substances in 4.8. It’s a bit of work but should do for now

When you click ‘add to project’ and the project selection window opens, there is a checkbox at the top which says show all projects…once checked you can then add it to a 4.8 project