100+ Muzzle Flash Library [SUBMITTED]

Hey fellow UE4 community!

You get 100+ muzzle flash variations conveniently laid out in a demo room. Easily walk around, to find the variation of muzzle flash for your needs or create new ones using my examples as a base. I like to make alot of variations depending on the size of the gun, aka assault rifles, tanks, up to a mothership :slight_smile:

I had a blast making these for ABATRON) and hopefully this toolkit helps your FX needs! =)


Niiice! off to vote…

Congratulations Devero!

I can’t wait to tryout all those awesome muzzle flashes!

The Community has really benefited by you coming along and providing us with all these awesome particles!




Hey guys I wanted to make clear something from another forum post so its clear on the 100 variations. -Thanks to Galeon

Thanks Galeon. I totally agree with you on the quality over quantity. However on this specific case, I found it was rather “hard” for a non-cascade user to make bigger instances of the muzzle flashes. I know that my level designer said the same thing. “Can’t I just scale it up?”, and the answer was not really. One of the things I really dislike with Cascade and hopefully Niagara doesn’t have the issue is the sprite orientation process.

The most believable look is to use use the sprite velocity for alignment and have it rotate along that velocity vector for facing the camera. Then ontop of that you should scale the size at the same rate it is moving out of the barrel. Finally, I put a drag over life to slow the sprite down after the initial “blast”. When I tried to size up the effect, it was a balancing of the velocity vector math, size over life, & drag variables. To make my long explanation short, I figured it was a little too difficult for a non-cascade user. Plus my level designer didn’t want to learn the particle system in that depth for modifications. =)

You are right that there are 13-14 base muzzle flashes with 8 different size variations. I hope that explains the pack a little more. I’ll make sure to make that clear to people!

Here is the current video link.

Thanks Anadin! :slight_smile:

Cheers Rama! Your awesome :slight_smile:

Great idea!

Great execution!

Thanks I appreciate it and I’m glad people find it useful =)

These are looking good.

I will be adding a new mini-gun muzzle flash to this library before release.

Cheers Bruno! and thanks!

some news about this? the trello link dont work…

Its in queue for marketplace release. Look for it soon.

YES!!! Thank you Master Devero!!! :wink:

hehe nice, thanks Voodoo :slight_smile:

Muzzle Flashes are now available! :slight_smile:

Need a last minute gift and the chocolate all gone? Nothing says Valentine more than Muzzle Flashes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun with your gamedev!

Thanks for this and all your contributions to the marketplace Devero, its a fantastic jump start on weapon creation!

Thanks X.E.R.T

Have fun with your #Gamedev!

Bought this and I am currently using them in my project. Thanks for the pack. Good luck with your sales. 8-}

Here is how you can change the Muzzle Flashes from Continuous Fire to Single Fire or Vice Versa!!

Click on each “Required” Module for each Emitter and do the following:

  1. Make sure all of the “Emitter Duration” match such as 0.2
  2. Change the “Emitter Loops” from 0 (looping) to 1 cycle


Thats it! Let me know if you have any issue!

Have fun with your Gamedev!! =)

Hi Devero,
Thanks for the info on making the muzzle flashes into single shot versions. I picked up your package today and love what you did with this and the impact decal pack.

Thanks Demolition Man, I’m glad that you liked the pack!

Have fun with your Gamedev!! =)