100% high CPU load when opening unreal project in Visual Studio 2019

I generated a brand new C++ project for Visual Studio in UE 4.25. However, when I open it in Visual Studio 2019, my CPU spikes to 100% and never comes back to normal (I tried waiting for ~40 minutes).

Nothing like this happens in other non-UE C++ projects. Tried refreshing project from UE, but it didn’t help…

Has anybody encountered such issue? Any ideas how to resolve it or at least debug it?

My OS is Windows 8.1, UE 4.25, Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6.5, CPU is i5 4590, RAM 24 gb. All packages recommended here Setting Up Visual Studio Development Environment for C++ Projects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation are installed.

Do you have ReSharper installed?
VisualStudio might be in the process of “indexing unreal engine”, if so it should show a progress bar in the lower right corner.

Yeah, it is apparently because of intellisense - when I kill the task, the load drops. Is intellisense not meant to be used with UE4 or I just need to leave VS for the night to scan everything?

On a slow machine it might be required eventually to turn code completion (or Resharper) off due to the described performance issues.
Generally, all those features are supported when working with UnrealEngine.
I know that it can take quite some time for all the systems to scan the entire solution but if you want to use the convenience features then there is no way around waiting for the scan to complete as far as I know.
However, the really long scan should only happen once after project creation (and when you delete some .vs folders in the project directory).
Once the scan has completed once, there should only be a small load process upon opening the project in VS again.

Yeah, thank you for help, I left computer opening UE4 project for the whole night and in the morning there was no CPU load (: Just needed to be a bit more patient.

Just be more patient and leave computer opening UE4 project in VS for the night if necessary.

This is good and all, but what if I need to use my computer as I build UE? I would like to at least keep 2 cores free for other stuff while building. Any suggetions?