100% crashing Unreal Engine 4 if click "magnifier"

Help me please!
UE4.10 100% crashing if - link:video

CrashContext.runtime-xml - Google Drive: Sign-in

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UE4Minidump.dmp - Google Drive: Sign-in

WER7E8C.tmp.WERInternalMetadata - Google Drive: Sign-in

Based on the crash it looks like you’re hitting this assert in SPathView: check(SelectedItems.Num() > 0);.

This is a crash that was recently fixed for 4.12. If you’re building the engine from source then you can remove the assert and replace it with an if check instead:

// Send the first selected item with the notification
const TArray<TSharedPtr<FTreeItem>> SelectedItems = TreeViewPtr->GetSelectedItems();
if (SelectedItems.Num() > 0)
	// Signal a single selection changed event to let any listeners know that paths have changed
	TreeSelectionChanged( SelectedItems[0], ESelectInfo::Direct );

where do i do this? in witch file?

YourUE4Path\Engine\Source\Editor\ContentBrowser\Private\SPathView.cpp, then SPathView::LoadSettings, under the else condition.

i did not find the right line in the code. coould you please take a look at attached file?

I don’t know what version you got that file from, but it certainly isn’t a 4.10 build like the one your crash was for (it looks like 4.8 code).

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remove check(SelectedItems.Num() > 0);

Excellent! Working!