100% Blueprint Stamina, Hunger, and Thirst System

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UE4 Stamina, Hunger, & Thirst System

Online Playable Demo

Overview Video

Tutorial: Add Stamina System To Your Game

Hooks up to running, jumping, and any action to deplete stamina. A great addition for your game!

We’ve created a simple to use 100% blueprint stamina, hunger, and thirst system. The example project shows how to add the system to your actions that deplete stamina continuously or with a single point subtraction.

Deplete stamina, thirst, or hunger while doing certain actions. For example, while running both stamina and thirst can be depleted. To regain stamina it could cost both thirst and hunger.

Hunger and thirst are also depleted over time. By default it will deplete a certain amount of points every 10 seconds of game play.

Easily configure running, jumping, or even swinging an axe to deplete stamina, thirst, and hunger.

A stamina system is just what you need for your game!

Multiplayer Support?
Yes. All critical variables are set with authority and replicated to clients.

Technical Details


  • 5 Blueprints, including: StaminaHungerSystem Component, Character Blueprint, Player Controller, HUD, and Game Mode
  • 3 ENUM’s, uncluding: StaminaTypes, HungerThirstTypes, and Camera Modes
  • UMG Stamina, Hunger, Thirst, and Health bars
  • Example random player start location spawn
  • Example Walk, run, and sprint
  • Example camera toggle between first and third person perspectives

Change log


  • Added hunger system
  • Added thirst system


  • Moved core functions to Actor Component


  • Initial release

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We’re listing it at $14.99.

Support Server system?

Playable HTML5 Demo

Great news! The stamina system is approved and should be available on the Marketplace today!

I have compiled and hosted a playable version of the Stamina Hunger & Thirst system here:

Yes, it supports multiplayer. Critical (stamina, hunger, thirst etc.) variables are set and depleted with authority and replicated to clients.