10 sec Freezing problem

i have problem with placing static mesh in my scene. when i tried to place static mesh there will be delay about 10 or 30 seconds. in my opinion problem maker is terrain snapping tool(i deleted skysphere and looked up then plaved my mesh without any delay)(but also when i tried to copy with alt key already exists mesh in scene it also making delay before placing new mesh). It is taking long time to calculating which surface should it snap. Is there any way to disable snapping tool i only wanted to place my mesh infront of my camera then i could easly place them where i want.

disabling snap wont solve my problem because still i got freeze problem after placing or copying any mesh in scene. :S

Ok i found solution. i think my LightmassImportanceVolume is too large for scene i made smallerone then builded scene again problem dissappered. :slight_smile: