10$ for 300 PBR 4K Rock Material [Submitted]


Pretty hard to say no for $10 =]

Cool stuff. Are you scaned these textures? How you get heightmap?

If it really does go for $10 then I’ll buy in an instant! Looks great.

I use fractal to design my base color / diffuse map, and use bitmap2material to get other maps, then photoshop it to add final touch!
I use Vue’s function editor, and also use its plugin “Material Development Kit” from Quadspinner, I love fractal because it gives me a really nice diffuse map with no photo distortion and super detailed, you can reference one of my raw diffuse map to get a better idea!
And of course, the bundle will sure be only 10$, included 300 material, it is just for the community and everyone who loves making video game, so please stay tuned because I’ve already submitted this bundle to Epic Games!