10+ days since contacting Epic Support? This can't be normal (Fixed!)

At the end of January I needed to make a purchase from the Marketplace. The email address associated with my account has been inactive for a while now, so I thought I’d better update it so the receipt for my purchase will go to my current address, and so filled out the email address change request form. Nothing happened for several days so I filled it out again. On 2nd Feb still nothing had changed about my account details, and I don’t get any response even with filling out the “Address you want to be contacted at” field with my new and current address, so I emailed the generic customer support.

On 6th Feb I still hadn’t got a response from anyone, so I thought I’d try contacting a real person, and got in touch with Dana Cowley on Twitter. She was very nice and looked into it, and said I should be contacted soon. It’s now 11th Feb and I still haven’t had a response form anyone, my case number was #1854333.

I really would like to make this store purchase. I don’t really understand why it requires going through a form or customer service to change your account details, it seems like a waste of resources on Epic’s end, and a waste of time on our end, but I’m gonna assume you guys have your reasons for it, maybe security or something.

Could anyone help me out?

P.S. I’m going to throw this thread link out to anyone Epic related I can find on Twitter, so sorry for you guys having to read my rant if it has nothing to do with you! And hope you are having / had a great weekend :slight_smile:

Hi Mechanicalsnowman,
I manage our Marketplace and I’m sorry for the delay on this issue. I’ve asked the team to prioritize this and we’ll investigate on Tuesday. I’m not sure why we’re encountering complications with your situation, so we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for your patience, we’ll try and solve this as quickly as possible.


That sounds promising! Thanks Josh :o

Thanks everyone involved, looks like it was fixed!

Glad we were able to take care of it for you. Sorry for the wait.


Hi Guys, I’m trying to change my email address as well but there is no form or link I can follow to do so, Can you point me in the right direction here? thanks!