1 second of time is 20 frames of animation?

I found that when i run any anim (on skeleton mesh component), then do delay for 1 sec and check after delay time of anim - there is 20 (or 21?) frames.

I thought there have to be 30 frame cause anims is running on 30 frames, but if i get GetPosition from Mesh there not 1.0 position (there about 0.7)

What is the problem? Maybe i dont correctly understand something or this is bug or idk?

Thanks for reply!

Not an easy question to answer as the only time an asset like animation is an absolute is when it’s imported via FBX. If the edit app is set to 30 FPS and exported set as 30 FPS then is will import as a “fixed” value of 30 FPS. As a basic requirement it’s just undestood that this value is used the majority of the time as a point of “reference” . Once you know what the fixed rate is you can conform the animation to whatever the state change requires as to things like blending and sync groups.

If the sync is 34.54 and it looks good than that’s the frame rate even if the the fixed rate is 30/30.