1 line code change == 602 file rebuild

I change one line of game code in my dedicated server and it rebuilds 602 engine files almost every time.

for every hour I spend approximately 35 minutes goes to wait for this.

well if you change an engine dependency, you should probably expect that.

So, what are you changing?

You need to pay attention to the include chains. If you touch a header file that’s included in a bunch of header files, that seemingly innocent line change will trigger a big rebuild.
Also, if you touch a file included in a module’s precompiled headers, the whole module will have to be rebuilt.
Carefully organizing your includes has a huge impact on build times for small code changes.

Thanks for the replies, but I was simply complaining , lol to vent some frustration and now I regret the post, it’s pretty lame… :frowning:

No, sorry fellas, I don’t think these are the specific reasons, but you do make sense. Reason: these are completely innocuous changes in bottom chain .cpp files, e.g. deleting a comment, remove empty lines, etc, rebuild. I actually already know what causes it, not sure WHY, though: it’s to do with constantly changing from DebugGame Editor and DebugGame Server build configs.

So it’s not every build, but basically when I switch configurations.

Right now, I’m working in some areas that require builds and packaging and unfortunately I’m just going to have to get along with it.