1 Level Instead of 2 in packaged product.

So my game has 2 Levels (For everything, yes, I know, Its Weird) and the second map is vital for the game, but when I cook content and package it only the first map is there but it never goes to the second map. Never to the second map, why is this?
~Unreal version: 4.5.1

It’s because editor does not really know that you are going to use second map in the packaged game, can not find direct references to it.
Add these lines in DefaultEditor.ini it’s in Config folder of your project.


I don’t have DefaultEditor.ini but I do have DefaultEngine, DefaultGame and DefaultInput.

Just create DefaultEditor.ini file and put those lines in. Replace Game/Maps/MySecondMapName with your real map name.

That… did not work, actually I believe it made it worse. Because now I don’t have any sound.