1 FPS when using my map IG

Hello, I wanted to try my map in the game (to do a few screenshots and stuffs) so I cooked it and it’s now on the workshop in private. I installed it but when I’m in game, after the loading screen, the game freezes and runs at around 1 fps. I tried to see if TheIsland has the same problem but I’m running at 30 fps without any problem.
When I test the map in the Ark Dev Kit, it runs normally (well it’s ugly because the settings are low, but it’s more like 15 fps, not 1)

Am I forgetting something ?

Are you actually getting in game? Or is it just showing an aerial view? If it’s showing just an aerial view of things and not actually loading in, then you should double check to make sure the mod is actually cooking out as intended after cooking out.

I had that problem at one point, and it was due to (I believe if I remember correctly) either cooking issues or command line issues (if you are trying to run it on a dedicated server).

The mention of 1 fps though throws both these possibilities off quite a bit as I never had that problem (if you are actually able to make a character, etc).

  • Sinari

I can create a character. I actually managed to move with my character. It’s not 1 fps but 1 image every 10 seconds. This is really weird… I’ll try to remove weather/lightning and recook it.

Wow, very strange. This is a new one to me personally. Haven’t seen anyone report this one before.

To summarize your issue; You do NOT have this issue normally with Ark, or within the Dev Kit. You can play Ark normally, and run the Dev Kit normally. Only with your custom map after having cooked it does this problem occur?

A few things I’m contemplating as possibilities (odd ones);

  1. Did you add too many global light sources? I HIGHLY doubt this is it at all, but I could see this destroying GPU cycles big time.

  2. By weather, do you mean custom added weather by you? If so, is this using GPU particle emitters? If so, again can see this ruining GPU cycles if not done right, or if it’s using a bad Event or boolean (Example; Event on tick, with unspecified time set for the tick) that is causing that. Another very doubtful possibility I want to throw out there just in case.

  3. Is there ANY custom content outside of the Dev Kit added in on the map? If so would you mind sharing what? I’m wondering if possibly a bad asset could cause this behavior? Very doubtful yet again >.<

Not really sure about any of these, just throwing a few thoughts that came to mind :confused:

  • Sinari

About the lightning and weather, that might be the problem because I just copy/pasted from TheIsland to my map wich is smaller and it might affect performances. I did the same with weather (and clutters but I don’t think this one is the problem)
I’ll delete those settings and create my own lightning and weather template by following a tutorial on Youtube, that might do the trick, thank you !

And I don’t have custom content, my map is only landscape for now and I’ll add content later (if I can fix my problem of course ;))

Coming back to you, I fixed the problem by deleting everything except ocean, landscape and ground clutters, and I set up TheIsland weather lightning settings on my map as said in this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FETVhSsJzWA . My map was dark so I added a source light and everything was fine.

The only remaining problem is I can’t build higher mountains now, but I don’t mind since my map is playable now.

Thx sinarisinestro

No problem at all John, just happy to hear you got it resolved. And I’ve heard of others having that same problem in terms of the mountain, etc. Not sure about a fix for it though. Guessing there is some sort of terrain height limit being enabled that is preventing this. I’d suggest snooping around until you find something along the lines of that.

Edit: Closing thread due to problem being resolved.