1 client on simulated, dedicated server. Replicated actors run 'BeginPlay' 3 times?

Hey guys,

As the title suggests, I have 1 client connected to a dedicated server (or even a listen server) via the Editor’s simulated server functionality (i.e. play in editor). All replicated actors have their BeginPlay functions executed 3 times. If the server and client each run it, who runs it the third time?

My guess would be recursive use of the ‘simulated’ function keyword, combined with redundant replication of actors. Normally these exact pretenses would produce only two executions, but perhaps there is another factor somewhere in the code causing yet another recursive element to come into play. My suggestion would be to compare the simulation of functions to the replication mode of actors.

(My experience comes from UE1, however, where I had a problem where using a simulated function to spawn a effect that is replicated anyway to the client would produce multiple copies of the actor on the client when intead only one should be present.)

I’m not using any ‘simulate’ keywords, and not manually spawning in actors (it’s done via the default PlayerStart objects in the level). The actors are just pawns with ‘Replicates’ ticked.