$1.99 offer on asset pack for unreal community on Chrismas Eve

Med Worlduilder CLASSIC - Our classic Arteria release just $1.99 to the unreal community as a thankyou for al the custom and support.

All Buildings have interiors
Over 20 Buildings
Over 70 Props includes

Purchase below:

Fantastic deal, purchased, and thank you!

Nice. I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet but I know it’ll come in handy.

Bought! Thank you for the sale.

It’s no longer in sale? I thought there was written something like 5 days remaining… :frowning:
Yesterday it looked like this:

Now the prize is 90$. Is this a bug?

I thought the same thing so I postponed buying and yesterday noticed that it had ended.

I know the Arteria crowd very well and they probably set the expiry date a little lenient … but the topic does say: “$1.99 offer on asset pack for unreal community on Chrismas Eve” … which is over.

I’ve set the offer pack up for you all

Thanks! Bought it :slight_smile:

How do I import the models into UE4 correctly? The materials are not imported…

Uh, sale ends in 2 days, but i am in EU zone while not having EU taxes (ie Iceland), website says i should wait. can i buy it?

Hmmm, they’re DDS not supported from the Engine…

Also there should be normal/spec maps, but can’t figure it out.

My advice is… if you’re not familiar with the 3D workflow this won’t work out good for you.

DDS, you can get free nvidia dx tools and convert them to tga.

And using those default materials exported by 3d app is bad idea anyway.

Also at 2$ I do not care much, even if this is starting point or for prototype it is worth more than that.

yeah, I agree that for $2 is great deal, but… I stay behind my first comment, that if you’re not skilled with 3D softawre, you’ll have a hard time