1,000,000 $ renderings

Aim for the best of the best guys!

$1,000,000: The cost of 432 Park’s four-minute-long marketing video. That’s $250,000 a minute, or more than $4,000 a second.

It’s been made by studio DBOX. Too bad the movie is only shown in their sale’s room. You can check renders on their website tho!

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This is arch-viz level 9000!

Beautiful renderings, not my style though. I think they’re passe with the bloom effects and the models posing - it’s been done for years now and just looks dated.

wow- this is next level stuff. I always admired Dbox work-- maan their lighting technique is so good. thanks for the post Heartlessphil.

Yes! All renderings and some studio pictures are all on their main site’s page!!!

Agree 100%

What’s more impressive than the renderings is the money they got for making it!!! I’m sure they made some profits in the end hehe!

I wonder if they’ve had an offer like this “You can make it for free - you will have a cool project in your portfolio!” :wink:

Hahahaha! I get that all the time. :open_mouth: