0 fps/freeze when looking in certain direction or object in editor

Sometimes rendering stops completely when looking in certain directions or zooming in on objects. It’s fine on fresh projects but after a while it’s getting worse. Just open an empty project( the one with the chairs) generate lightmass few times, zoom at the floortiles and get stuck with 0fps until I zoom out vor rotate cam enough.

Hey Ryukra,

I attempted to reproduce what you are reporting, but was unable to get any freezing or hanging after running lightmass multiple times and flying around in the viewport.

Could you provide me with you ‘dxdiag’ so I can take a look at your system specs?

Thank you,

Sorry for the late answer, here is my dxdiag.txt

I think that should suffice.

It’s a really strange bug, I also get it in 4.9 and 4.10.

Try updating your drivers as they are a bit out of date, and see if that resolves the issue.

Okay, driver updated, but the problem persists.
But I got new info:

  • The freezes come when looking at
  • Mostly after importing something or adding samplecontent
    into the scene.
  • They only come when
    effects is on high and above Settings
  • Disabling Aero fixes the problem.
  • Everything is fresh, no edited ini,
    just the default map.

It sounds like your OS is performing somewhat poorly and is costing you resources while you are in the Editor. Increasing your amount of RAM could definitely help with this issue. For now, in order to avoid this, I would make sure Aero is disabled and your effects setting is on Medium.

Your machine is not bad by any means, but upgrading your hardware components will definitely improve your editors performance. Let me know if you have further questions.