ZOMBIE RAID | Top Down Multiplayer


ZOMBIE RAID: no one survives (working title)
Zombie Raid is a top-down action shooter, with tactical and RPG elements,
focused on Multiplayer PVP and Cooperative game modes
PvP Storyline based on confrontation of military forces against raiders/survivors


Weapons characteristics, bullet penetration, ricochet -
configured on the real world basis, wherever it possible for gameplay.
Perception system - all characters have vision and hearing.
To detect enemy you character must see or hear them.
Penetration - bullets can penetrate obstacles depend on bullet AP and obstacle density


We have a team of 4 people actively working on the game at the moment.

AWARDS :slight_smile:

STEAM Store page


Really liking this for a quick past time.

thanks! yes thats right.
We will have playable demo very soon…

Some screens -

Se ve muy bueno el juego. Esperemos su lanzamiento.

Nice, the topdown view reminds me of boxhead but with awesome graphics :slight_smile:

This looks awesome good luck with it team!

I like the balance of TTK here! Gives what seems like a good pace to fights. Great work!

You gotta be kiddin’ me, this is lovely!

Hey there!

I saw you were featured on the Unreal Launcher so I watched your videos.

I feel like the game rhythm is a bit flat. Of course that’s a quick gameplay trailer, I’m sure you have ton of things in your pocket but it’s worth mentionning imho.

Objectives, events, pick up appearing, tension locations, tension moments, more visual / strategical approach to throwing grenades, destructible covers (to modify combat rhythm) or other combat related stuff…

I don’t know what to change, I don’t even know what the final game flow of a typical game session looks like (it may be great and I might not see this on the video). But I had to mention the rhythm, it stroke me.

Don’t get me wrong, everything looks smooth, from animations and game feel to environment. And that’s why I wanted to point out what I thought could be improved.

Great project, keep up the good work!


looks nice! will we have possibility to customize characters in future? some thing more post-zombie-apoc? or some thing like that. Also wanted to ask about team fights. Will it be available in future? 4 vs 4 or some thing like this?

Thanks for a good review!

yes - armor, helmet, backpak and other is planned

A definite yea, I think.

Unexpectedly :cool:

At this stage we are not entirely sure how it would look :slight_smile:

Currently main works conducted on character interaction with the world
(wall hiders, walking, shooting and etc.), network, and level design
and after we start to work on other things

For us, this game is experience of finished product, and we do as good as possible for our team
Hope we will do it well!

Did development stop on this?


Steam store page available now - Zombie Raid on Steam
So you can add our game to your Wishlist’s.

Yeah I saw that you started updating youtube again not that long ago.

Have some new PvE gameplay trailer:

Are you able to use a gamepad joystick to control your crosshair on screen?