Your Lore - A '3D' Text-based RPG using 3D Fonts

I still enjoy Text-based RPGs/MUDs/CYOA/Audiobooks and occasionally visit and I took a stab at writting my on choose your own adventure: D. RIFTERs. I would later re-imagine D. RIFTERs into a Short Story to win the MSGT [Giveaway] hosted by apoisonedgift of Dapper Raptor Development. I would later extract concepts from that short story for Open-World Action RPG Hybrid set in Apocalyptic World shattered by Dimensional Space/Time Rifts.

I always wanted to create a Text-based RPG, doing more with Text itself using different Fonts and Colors to represent different entities in the game. This image would re-spark ideas for text-based RPG using the power of UnrealEngine 4. Imagine using Action RPG Combat Game Mechanics and AI, but instead of using Meshes for architecture, characters, etc we use fancy 3D Text like ZText. I used to think using UE4 for text-based game was a waste of power but not any more.

Sounds interesting…