[World_Aligned_Blend] Normals not Blending

Been working on a landscape material for the last week for use in Landscape Vistas, I am left with two problems, the main one being Normal Map Blending.

I am using a World Aligned Blend to calculate slope angles, its working fine for Every Texture Sample asides from normal maps, its trying to draw the Base Colour through the depth of the normal maps.

Example (this material has an emmisive output to better demonstrate whats happening)
Without Normals

With Normals

A wee 'lil .gif

My World_Aligned_Blend set-up

I was looking through the Stylized Sample Project as suggested on another thread, only thing they are doing different from what I can see is they have something being fed into the In Explicit Normal (V3) but due to the non existent documentation on the node and the fact I have only been using the engine 2 months I’m afraid I’m stumped.

If you could explain in Lehman terms that would be great, but I do know how to use google so I’ll try my best to research any subjects I’m not familiar with.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry, changed to Vertex normals as I don’t have an input for explicit normals (I don’t think I’ll need it), still producing the same results, but should make things easier to debug

Still not solved

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you mean so sorry if it’s not.

The problem:

The solution:

Thanks, turns out world aligned blend isn’t what I needed, it was regular WorldAlignedBlend, but thanks :slight_smile: