Working Basic Day/Night Cycle w/ Updating sun


Thanks for the tutorial, I was looking to create this effect using post processing but way better with the Blueprint!

I have a question though, I didn’t want to create a class BP, I just wanted to make a night effect happening when the character enter a trigger zone and then reverse it to create a sunset when the character enters another trigger zone. For some reason, the sun starts it’s rotation from another location than the one set in the sun height parameter.

Does anyone know why? Should I do something else? (Still learning unreal 4 here :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the help

I don’t know why, but I do have a possible solution for you.

Offset your calculations to adjust the sun to the desired rotation and use those numbers.

I’ve been doing a bunch of day and Night cycles but have the same problem in each variant. I can get the sun to rotate and change the speed and the skysphere will update correctly, however, I never get the night star sky when it’ night. I get day to dusk, to sunrise to day again. What setting am I missing?