[Work-In-Progress] SUPER DISTRO

Sadly can’t afford a crew; But I’ve been talking to CheapModdler to hopefully get some 3D art off him :>

And he’s going to get it too.

Woo :wink: See? Who needs a crew when you’re surrounded by an awesome community? :>

So I’ve been working on getting the introduction done.

Seeing as I’ve been playing Majora’s Mask 3DS, It seems a lot of it has been rubbing off on my project; Which is never a bad thing!

I originally had the daunting task of getting voice actors, But then I thought “Heck, I’ve already created a localisation system - Let’s just use Text!”

Once the introduction has been re-done, I’ll show the progress I’ve made, but until then… Take a quick-sneak peek at it

(To be honest, The only reason I took this screenshot was because I thought it was cool that UE4 includes the cameras in the Depth of Field :P)


So I’ve started work on a super-cheesy introduction:

Even more updates!

As you can tell, This is still the “First Pass” but I like where it’s going - Cheesy with a sprinkle of extra cheese!

Naturally, The more work I put in, The more finished it’ll be and the better it’ll look.

I hope you’re looking forward to it!

So I just started writing a book about Super Distro!

That’s right! All the little interesting little nuggets I’ve picked up with my time on Unreal Engine 4 (Such as animated loading screens) as well as sprinkling some personal thoughts on game creation .etc are all packed into the book!

I’ve just started writing it and it’s very much as work-in-progress, But if you’d like to read a part dev-log, part tutorial and part rambling on my part, then head on over and give it a read (There’s not much at the moment, As I’m literally typing it up as we speak!)


Oh my… I just found this, haha amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you like it :wink: There’s so much left to go but hopefully I can get some spit and polish on it real soon (Minus the spit) and then it’ll look a bit more presentable!

I’ve never really done any kind of devlog / work-in-progress before, So it all feel alien and wrong to show it so soon (Feels like showing a McDonalds minus the fries, bun and drink!) but hopefully I get the jist of all this soon and it’ll start looking a bit prettier 8]

And then the “Chance” cheat will actually somewhat resemble you instead of looking like a knock-off of the lead singer of Fallout Boy :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned for when the game gets that “Super amazing polish” that it deserves!

It’ll come… One day! :slight_smile:

So I totally inspired myself after working on the UE4 Gamejam entry, WindowsNoEditor II: Electric Boogaloo and I was messing around with turning Distro in a cardboard figure, Here’s a mini-progress on it:

Distro 2.0 - Cardboard Edition by KitatusStudios on Sketchfab

Hey everyone!

So as I said in the previous post, I inspired myself with the art-style I made for WindowsNoEditor II: Electric Boogaloo!

I should have a totally new Work in Progress video soon but for now, I’ve messed around with the logo a bit!


Sorry for everyone who didn’t expect this to be a devlog! I’ll try not to spam your inboxes with new info on Super Distro! :>

Getting the concept down on the title screen :slight_smile:

Changing the art-style a little :wink:

Working on some mechanics for the new art-style! :slight_smile:

By the way, If anybody has any feedback or suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them! I’m doing this all solo so it’s difficult to gauge what’s working / what isn’t from a game-play perspective (Got a major case of developer self-dismoprhia)

Fuh, I’ve finallly finished this thread! :slight_smile:
I’m glad you overcame all this %!@# problems and was able to continue your project after dead hdd, I personally just hate to remake what I’ve already done and after my first hdd death I copy manually my projects to external drives + cloud storage. Of course sometimes these problems could lead to nice project reboot(like in your case), but IMHO one dead hdd is enough to mature developer :smiley:
Also Epic guys are Epic!

Now about feedback/suggestions/critic etc:
I think you should switch your focus to core gameplay and work on this. Some features early are nice indeed and main menu is good, but I honestly believe that you should focus on fun aspect of core gameplay before you start to work on supplementary features. So I’d recommend to push basic gameplay development to this point when you could actually play game and have fun with it!

Thanks for the advice zeOrb! That’s exactly what I’m doing at the moment now; I just wanted to get the main menu out of the way (As I’m writing something for the “Learn” tab (Hopefully!) and wanted to create a nice-looking thing to show what I did and how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on some fun features right now, For example: As the art-style has changed slightly and I inspired myself with the cardboard people, I’ve been thinking of fun and unique abilities to add that uses this fact to it’s advantage. As I was just playing Zelda: LBW, It had a great mechanic of turning into a painting. I’ve taken that and I’ve messed around with it a bit so it’s less of a complete rip-off and more of an inspiration in terms of what you can do with it / What happens when you merge with the wall.

After that, I’m going to be working on some more mechanics (In the theme that you’re made out of cardboard) and once that’s done, I can get the puzzles in, Sprinkle the rest of the gameplay on top and move over to art-passes. :slight_smile:

Edit: Progress!


Just made some great progress on the wall mechanics!

haha this looks great

Thanks Steve!

Seeing as you’re made out of cardboard / paper… Why not make the use of it? How about… Turning into a paper-plane? :smiley:

Progress video #1 -

Some more progress!

This one can go to 720p 60fps on compatible browsers 8]

Obviously there’s a lot left to go, but I thought I’d show you all a sneak peak on how everything is coming together!